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The Spirit of A Butterfly


Group Show

19th March to 1st April
Art & Soul

This show focuses on the image and spirit of the butterfly in a different way. The Butterfly also stands for an ecological balance, and its presence or absence, questions our relationship with our environment.

The exhibition is curated by Prayag Shukla and the participating artists are Akhilesh, Apara Purohit, Basant Bhargava, Devangi Sidhartha, Faiza Huma, Hemant Rao, Hemnag, Helen Ganly, Jaya Vivek, Madanlal, Moumita Shaw, Nirmala Sharma, Panne Kunwar Bachhawat, Probir Shaw, Rajesh Deb, Sanhita Banerjee, Sanju Jain, Saroj Kumar Singh, Shiladitya Verma, Shovin Bhattacharya, Sidhartha, Suneet Ghildial, Vinay Sharma, Vivek, Vijay Kumar and Yogendra Tripathi. They have attempted to capture and interpret the very spirit of butterfly, the way they thought was most suitable to their perception, and pictorial language. The works in the show are wondrous in their distinctive approach, and a whole lot of imagery, relating to butterfly has also been explored, and innovatively created.

The butterfly is represented and transformed in different genres, and mediums used in the contemporary art practices. Hence, in the show, works include not only paintings or drawings, but also graphic-prints and sculptures, in various materials.







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