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Paramjit Singh


Paramjit Singh

31st March to 30th April
Vadehra Art Gallery

The exhibition of art works by artist Paramjit Singh consists of eighteen paintings. The works can be unimpeachably termed as visual treats for the audience with their far and large extended palette of greens, blues, ochers, gold and reds rendering nature in a manner totally unique.

Paramjit Singh is one of those contemporary Indian painters who have found landscape painting as a genre suitable for expressing the arcane and the exoteric. The works of Paramjit makes the viewer feel that beyond the phenomenal world hides the imperceptible. The hills, forests and the dry earth that Singh paints reminds one of the ruggedness of the north-western terrains, where nature offers more of ochers and browns and subdued greens than any other place. He had studied art from the School of Arts, Delhi Polytechnic in the 1950's.His paintings grow organically from little strokes, hatching to an entire body of rugged, rough landscape, where the wind plays through thorny bushes and shrubs and the sand whirlwinds across the ground of the canvas.










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