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Baiju Parthan

23rd March to 24th April
Aicon Gallery, New York

Baiju Parthan's collected body of work stands as a multimedia bricolage of his varied pedagogic and professional background. Parthan has been trained in botany, illustration, painting, computer science, engineering and comparative mythology and all these are reflected in his works. His works look for existential settlement with the intangibility of the information age revolving around the universal theme of the intersection between collective thoughts, the material world and the non-material digital sphere.Citing Sartre's book L'age de Raison, Jungian psychoanalysis, Joan Miró and the Surrealist Manifesto and traditional Indian mysticism as sources of inspiration, Parthan creates his own rich, contemporary mythic language in a search for meaning. In the Millijunction series, Parthan's palette of black, white and sepia tones recalls the iconic vintage Bollywood posters of his youth, and the photorealistic tradition of the 1960s and 70s. This is Baiju Parthan's first solo exhibition in New York.








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