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The newly christened India Art Fair was the most important national art event towards end-January, more so because it was for the first time that a slew of very important foreign galleries more


I am pleased to be entrusted with the honour of editing the next three issues of Art etc. news & views, which focuses on Protest Art. In April 2009, I was instrumental in initiating an exhibition titled Art Against Terrorism in collaboration with nine more



Art as an Effective Tool against Socio-Political Injustice

Protest art is a broad term that refers to creative works that concern or are produced by activists and social movements and are often used as part of demonstrations or acts of civil disobedience. There are also contemporary and historical works and currents of thought that can be characterized in this more


Seven Indian Painters At the Peabody Essex Museum

Salem, Massachusetts. Painting the Modern in India is being exhibited at The Peabody Essex Museum in the Contemporary Native American Art, Wheatland Gallery. The show which started on April 10, 2010 and continues till June 1, 2012 more


Outlining the Language of Dissent
‘Protest art’ is an expansive phrase related to works of art that manifests the disquiet expressed by the artist partaking of social movements, this often bring into being works -  in the form of signs, banners, posters wherein the printed materials develop to an essential resource to convey a reason or a message. Time and more


Creative Impulse
Awakening, Resistance and Inversion: Art for Change
Once upon a time there was a drummer, a 'dholi', who lived in a corrupt king's reign. Every time there was a mishap, misappropriation or crime he would play his drum, and hearing his drum the subjects of the kingdom knew that the king was not performing his duty of dispensing justice and protecting his people. The king, as is their wont, became very angry with the drummer and asked him to more


Soviet Posters: From the October Revolution to the Second World War
'During World War I posters bloomed on the walls of buildings in Russian cities on an unprecedented scale. In the beginning, they called for donations to charities, invited people to benefit exhibitions and concerts, and drew attention to new films featuring the war's horrors and atrocities. Later the government issued posters asking for subscriptions to war loans. A relatively new medium in Russia, posters experienced their first boom during World War I.' more


Masterworks: Jewels of the Collection at the Rubin Museum of Art

Tibetan art is largely unknown to the audience outside the land. The Rubin Museum of Art organizes exhibitions that give a glimpse into the mysterious world of the Tibetan art. The exhibits also include works from Nepal, Bhutan and parts of India, China and Mongolia to give a broader perspective as Tibet, predominantly through Buddhist art, was more


Collector's Corner
The Mysterious Antonio Stellatelli and His Collections
When I read the India Art Fair programme, an event caught my attention: the launch of a book titled The Indian Renaissance. In art history, we are usually more familiar with the Italian Renaissance, this period that closed the Middle Age in Europe. Giotto, Botticelli, Vinci, more


Market Monitor
A ‘Rare’fied Sense of Being Top-Heavy
Art market watchers were in for a surprise on February 7, the big evening at the London quarters of Christie’s, when British sculptor Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure: Festival soared to 19.1 million pounds ($30.3 million) compared with pre-sale estimates of 3.5-5.5 million. Christie's said it was an auction record for the artist. The second stunner of the evening came in the more


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